Saturday, September 05, 2009

Canada Tibet Committee is Unhappy with the Canada China Business Council

The Canada Tibet Committee has issued a press release this week entitled "Canada China Business Council bars human rights group from Business Forum".  The gist of it is that the Executive Director of the CTC tried to register to hear Stockwell Day speak to this group.  The CTC wanted to raise the issue of corporate social responsibility concerns for Canadian firms doing business in Tibet,  His registration was rejected on the basis that "CTC’s presence would be ‘inappropriate’ because of CTC’s 'political' mandate."  

The press release can be read here: 
The following paragraph in it gives me pause for thought:
"The CTC also criticized the CCBC for playing both sides of the fence by claiming not to be a political organization, while providing forums for political leaders from both Canada and China to espouse political views. In June, the CCBC hosted an Ottawa speech by Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi which most independent observers considered to be political in nature. Two journalists were barred by the CCBC from covering that event."

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