Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary

As the People's Republic of China approaches the 60th anniversary of its Party-State October 1, preparations are being made for a big celebration with very impressive fireworks, gala performances and a grand parade of China's most terrible military implements of destruction on the day.  In preparation for the celebration, new restrictions on movement about Beijing and crackdowns on human rights defenders and proponents of liberal democracy, ethnic rights, freedom of expression over the internet, etc. are being firmly enforced.  Lately new measures to limit access to non-approved internet sites have been implemented rendering most proxy servers useless.

It does make me wonder about the nature of a "celebration" that requires such intensification of repressive measures directed against the freedoms of the ostensibly celebrating Chinese citizenry.

September 29:  See this report from Reporters without Borders "'Paranoid' China ramps up firewall on anniversary: RSF"

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Charles Burton said...

Heavy police and army presence does tend to detract from the festive spirit, n'est-ce pas?