Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should Canadian foreign aid go to China? | Canada | News | Ottawa Sun

"Last year, we delivered a $36-million helping hand — even though the recipient country could easily wipe out our own national debt with the money it has in U.S. Treasury Bonds alone. It boasts a foreign trade reserve of $2.8-trillion and its military is so vast, including reserve members, it could post a soldier in two-thirds of Canadian homes."

"Canada does not provide funding to the Chinese government," said CIDA spokeswoman Emilie Milroy. "Canada’s funding is provided to ethnic minorities' human rights and environmental management projects delivered by Canadian and international organizations, such as universities and professional associations."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lawrence Cannon intends to move on on extradition treaty with China

NEW YORK - Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon expressed hopes on Wednesday that extradition matters with China will be advanced as quickly as possible.

Feb 28: @markmackinnon: Seems to me Lawrence Cannon can say whatever he wants to the China Daily. Mr. Lai's fate is up to the courts, not Dept of Foreign Affairs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

China blocks U.N. report on N.Korea nuclear breaches

"Diplomats say it is emblematic of China's increasingly self-confident approach to international diplomacy as it seeks to protect states like North Korea to which it has close ties."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cyber attack targets government departments

Two federal government departments say there have been "unauthorized" attempts to gain access to their computer networks, which hold confidential information, in an unprecedented cyber attack that reportedly traces back to China.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese media stress need for stability in Egypt

"Social stability should be of overriding importance," the English-language China Daily said in an editorial, adding that protests calling for President Hosni Mubarak to go had caused "havoc" and disrupted people's daily lives.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

M. Gérard Latulippe fera une visite à Ottawa

AVIS AUX MÉDIAS - Droits et Démocratie (

MONTRÉAL, le 8 févr. /CNW Telbec/ - Le président de Droits et démocratie, M. Gérard Latulippe fera une visite à Ottawa demain, le 9 février 2011.  À cette occasion, il prononcera une allocution et répondra aux questions des membres du Comité permanent des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international.
Cette comparution fait suite à la demande particulière exprimée par M. Latulippe.  Au cours de son allocution, M. Latulippe traitera des sujets suivants :
  • Présenter le rapport final de la vérification diligente concernant certaines problématiques potentielles soulevées par la firme Sirco;
  • Faire état des mesures prises par Droits et démocratie à la suite de la crise qui a secoué l'organisation;
  • Présenter les perspectives d'avenir de Droits et démocratie ainsi que les défis à relever.
Détails de l'événement :
Endroit :    Pièce 268, édifice de La Promenade, Parlement du Canada
151, rue Sparks, Ottawa.
Date :    Mercredi 9 février 2011 à 15 h 30

Extremely Serious Drought in China Very Worrying

"The drought is the worst in 60 years in Shandong, the nation's second-biggest wheat producer, where rainfall in recent months has been 85 percent below normal.
Hebei province in northern China was already channeling large amounts of water from the Yellow River, and was poised to divert more to affected areas, the China Daily reported.
World food prices reached their highest-ever level in January and are set to keep rising for months, the FAO said last week, warning that the hardest-hit countries could face turmoil."

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Minister Cannon Announces Creation of John Diefenbaker Defender of Human Rights and Freedom Award

Minister Cannon Announces Creation of John Diefenbaker Defender of Human Rights and Freedom Award

"I am pleased to announce the John Diefenbaker Defender of Human Rights and Freedom Award, which will honour individuals and groups who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in defending human rights and freedom," said Minister Cannon. "Human rights are the cornerstone of the Canadian value system and the mainstay of society."

Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Comment on "U.S. report finds Chinese currency gains too slow"

"In refusing to cite China, Treasury said Chinese President Hu Jintao had assured President Barack Obama during a visit to Washington last month that China would intensify its efforts to 'further enhance exchange rate stability.'"

Comment: If I put the number of these sort of vague assurances by Chinese leaders on currency, intellectual property protection, human rights observance, etc., etc. that I have read over the years end to end, they would likely extend to touch the moon.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rights and Democracy to keep board members

"Opposition parties want the federal government to reconsider reappointing two board members at government-funded Rights and Democracy who were in the thick of controversies at the Montreal-based organization.
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon sent short letters to opposition leaders last week advising them of his intention to reappoint Jacques Gauthier and Elliot Tepper to the board.
None of them supported the move."

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Juju's message to Egyptian President

Factors In China that Parallel Causes for Unrest in Middle East

Objectively speaking there are many comparable factors between conditions for ordinary people under China’s authoritarian regime and the causes for the current political unrest in the Middle East.

China like Egypt is a society lacking in social justice.  Official corruption is pervasive and growing among the political-business elite.  The gap between rich and poor widens at an alarming rate.  Food prices, especially the price of grain are suddenly going up by double-digit rates causing significant discontent.  Young people have serious frustration over the lack of jobs for university graduates.  The cost of housing has become so high that it is very difficult for young couples to find an affordable place to live which makes it hard to marry and start a family.  People lack civil freedoms in China and Egypt.  Both are police states.  Both censor the internet and harass political dissidents ignoring the niceties of rule of law.

The main difference is that China has no viable political alternative to the rule of the Chinese Communist Party available waiting in the wings.  Egypt on the other hand has a  well-organized and hopefully religiously moderate alternative in the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood offers promise of a an less corrupt and transparent political alternative that will extend more social welfare to people in need.

The Chinese press has reported on the current disorder in Egypt and on the Chinese government’s measures to evacuate its nationals to safety.  But has not reported on the reasons for hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets demanding that the current leader step down.

Peaceful political protest in a main square of a capital that has gained sympathy from elements within the police and army that may end in violence and army tanks still puts a chill into the hearts of China’s leadership.  The Egyptian calls for Mubarek to resign resonate with similar calls from Tian’anmen in June 1989.

But it is the eve of the Year of the Rabbit today.  This is no time for civil protest.  Let us celebrate the festival together with our families and leave politics to another day.  Happy Rabbit Year everybody!

My related interview with Chinese Service of Radio Canada International on situation in Egypt broadcast February 2, 2011: