Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Beijing’s real reasons behind the summit in Singapore - My Op Ed in the Globe and Mail

Beijing’s real reasons behind the summit in Singapore - The Globe and Mail

"Last weekend’s summit did not go well. Mr. Ma was rebuffed when he asked China to ease restrictions on Taiwan’s participation in global organizations and bodies. When he asked that China reduce its military presence on the coast across from Taiwan, Mr. Xi simply responded absurdly that the massive arsenal is not targeted at Taiwan. Mr. Xi did offer to reconsider the decision to deny Taiwan’s participation in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, but basically Mr. Ma left humiliated, and one wonders what Mr. Xi intended by this meeting.  .  .  .  China’s defiant sovereignty claims over islands in the South China Sea have led to condemnation by its neighbours and the international community at large, but China’s newly aggressive nationalistic military actions in the region make one wonder whether Mr. Xi’s puzzling meeting with Mr. Ma on Saturday is a harbinger of much more assertive moves by the Communists to bring Taiwan under PRC control once and for all."