Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Raymond Chan and Justin Trudeau's relationship with Michael Ching Mo Yeung

"The courting of would-be Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, by Chinese corruption suspect Michael Ching Mo Yeung"

How graft suspect Michael Ching allied himself with Canada's Liberal leader, with the help of ex-minister Raymond Chan; pro-Trudeau political organisation was based in Ching's office, and Liberal special advisor Wang Ting Ting acted as a director.

Article in South China Morning Post by Ian Young

Monday, September 28, 2015

PC, Lib, NDP Perspectives on China in Munk Centre Foreign Policy Debate

So why did the Munk Centre decide to not raise China in the foreign policy debate?

My views are quoted in "The big issue that went unmentioned in the foreign policy debate" - The Globe and Mail:

“This debate was where it was expected the parties would make a clear statement of their differing approaches to the challenge China makes to Canadian interests and values,” said Charles Burton, a China expert at Brock University.
He accused debate organizers of not wanting “to be the platform where our important concerns about the challenge that the Chinese regime presents to Canada are aired.”

The key question is policy toward Chinese investment in Canada, and how to respond to Chinese Government human rights violations and non-tariff barriers to Canadian trade and investment, as well as continued Chinese cyber attacks on Canadian Government servers as well as other economic and military espionage.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

U.S. and China Seek Arms Deal for Cyberspace

U.S. and China Seek Arms Deal for Cyberspace

The word "sceptical" falls far short of my attitude to this.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My Op-Ed "Who will march with China at Xi’s parade?" - The Globe and Mail

Who will march with China at Xi’s parade? - The Globe and Mail

"Any shortcomings of China’s governance will continue to be ascribed to the foreign-inspired moral failings of corrupted individual officials, not to any deficiencies in the political and economic system itself.

Over time, the regime’s response will most certainly be more sabre-rattling assertions of nationalism, to rally the public behind Mr. Xi’s leadership. Thursday’s parade could be just the beginning of a new era in Chinese Communist militarism."