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Fate of Lai Changxing's Ex-Wife After Return to Fujian

Translation of Report on Zeng Mingna, Lai Changxing's Ex-Wife's Situation after Return to Fujian with Daughter Lai Zhenzhen

This report likely reflects Mainland Chinese perspective and "propaganda line" on the current status of the Lai Changxing matter and refers to "inside" information (under the rubric "according to reports" in the article).  The Ta Kung Pao is a Communist Party of China associated newspaper published in Hong Kong.  It is of special interest that the article claims that Lai Changxing has lost Canadian Government support in the face of the lenient treatment that Zeng has reportedly received on return to China, so Mr. Lai will shortly be returned to China by the Government of Canada as his refugee case has been "refuted."
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Rough literal translation by me:

Lai Changxing's Ex-Wife Living Under Surveillance in Xiamen, Lai Probably Difficult to Re-Gain Canada's Support
DWNEWS.COM -- August 24, 2009 2:47:43(Beijing Hong Kong Taiwan time)
Ta Kung Pao/Duowei combined report

Zeng Mingna, Lai Changxing's ex-wife, who absconded to Canada several years ago, of her volition returned home to China in May of this year.  According to reports, the main reason for Zeng Mingna's return to China was to be able to see her aging parents.  Moreover in exchange for her returning to China her two younger brothers who had been held due to association with the Yuanhua case were released from prison.  At present Zeng Mingna is living in Xiamen in an apartment provided for her by the Government.

Lai Changxing is an important suspect in the "Yuanhua" smuggling caseChina's judicial authorities have laid charges against him and ordered his arrest.  According to file data, Zeng Mingna and Lai Changxing had three children together, two boys and one girl.  Their eldest son's name is Lai Junjian, their eldest daughter's name is Lai Zhenzhen and their younger son is named Lai Mingming.  All three children have already graduated from university.  Lai Zhenzhen returned to China with Zeng Mingna.

Government's leniency brings joy to the entire family
Zeng Mingna went from Hong Kong with Lai Changxing to abscond to Canada in August 1999.  In November 2000, the Canadian Department of Immigration arrested Mr. and Mrs. Lai on charges of illegal immigration.  At the end of May 2004, Zeng Mingna applied to the British Columbia Provincial Superior Court in Vancouver for a divorce from Lai Changxing.  On June 21 2005, her divorce application was ruled approved by the Court.

After ten years in exile in Canada, Zeng Mingna made a determination to return to China.  According to reports the health of both of her parents is not good.  This was an important factor that made up Zeng Mingna's mind to return to China.  Prior to this, Zeng Mingna had been bargaining with the Government of China for quite some time.  According to reports, one of Zeng Mingna's conditions for return was the release of her younger brothers who have been held in prison because of the Yuanhua case throughout her time abroad.  At present her younger brothers Zeng Mingtie and Zeng Mingyu have been released on bail and returned home.  In addition, there was an apartment in Xiamen that was promised by the  Government to be made available to Zeng Mingna for her use on return.  It has over 100 square metres of floor space.

According to a briefing, for a very long time after the "Yuanhua case" developed, Zeng Mingna's maternal family residence on Lianyu Street in Qingyang Town of Jinjiang Municipality in the Province of Fujian had been unusually quiet and desolate.  "But thanks to the Government's leniency that family has become happy and whole again."  Lai Changxing's former father-in-law, Zeng Chuanzhang in an interview revealed the recent situation of his daughter Zeng Mingna since she returned to China.  Following the return home of his youngest son, Zeng Mingtie after the ten year sentence that he received two or three years ago was reduced, on May 3, his eldest daughter, Zeng Mingna, finally returned to China.  On August 4 his eldest son, Zeng Mingyu also returned home released on bail.

The day after she returned to China, Zeng Mingna accompanied her mother and father back to her childhood home in Jinjiang.  After staying with them for a few days she retuned to her unfamiliar "home" in Xiamen.  Fortunately Zeng Mingtie's wife and two daughters live in Xiamen.  The two families often get together.  Her days there are not at all lonely.

Zeng Mingna's mother revealed that over the past 3 months, Lai Changxing has wired a living allowance to Zeng Mingna, but she is not sure how much it is exactly.  With regard to the outsiders' rumours that Lai Changxing had made a transfer of an enormous fortune put into Zeng Mingna's name, the two elderly parents deny this categorically: "This is absurd and ridiculous!"  Up to now, Zeng Mingna goes to Jinjiang to visit her parents about twice a month..  While there she is simply required to follow the reporting requirements for living under supervision (jianshi juzhu) and she can proceed there unaccompanied.  "She can be considered quite free, her mental state is much better."  Zeng Mingna's mother explained that at present it is not convenient for Zeng Mingna to have contact with the media.  When asked if Zeng Mingna might re-marry Lai Changxing, Zeng Chuanzhang just shook his head: "This is probably not going to happen."

Reports indicate that Lai and his wife, Zeng Mingna's life in Canada was not so good.  In 2005, someone who had knowledge of their circumstances revealed that in Vancouver they had to stay in a simple and crude apartment, they could not leave the City of Vancouver and ordinarily had no social life with friends.  "They didn't have much money."  The Lais' three children lived in another apartment looked after by "someone they knew."

Considering the present circumstances, Zeng Mingna's return to China will be a setback to Lai Changxing's "refugee application scheme."  It is very apparent that the Government of Canada is willing to help Lai Changxing repatriate back to China of his own volition.  Prior to this there was concern expressed that Mr. Lai would face unjust treatment after return to China.  In the face of the lenient treatment that Zeng Mingna has received after returning to China, this idea has been completely refuted.  If Lai Changxing still holds that "on return to China I will probably not get a fair trial," and continues his endless application for refugee status, he will have a lot of difficulty regaining Canadian Government support.  His being repatriated to China is likely to be a matter of sooner or later.

Nevertheless, Lai Changxing's personal lawyer, David Matas in an interview indicated that he believes that Lai Changxing will definitely not return to China of his own volition as Zeng Mingna has done.

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