Saturday, August 01, 2009

PRC Gov't Is Promoting Rebiya Kadeer's Political Legitimacy

According to an Associated Press report "China summoned the Australian ambassador to protest a proposed visit to his country by an exiled Uighur leader whom Beijing accuses of instigating recent ethnic riots that killed nearly 200 people, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.  Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun called the meeting with Geoff Raby because of the trip to Australia next week by U.S.-based Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer, a ministry statement said. China - one of Australia's most important trading partners - has made repeated requests to the Australian government to refuse her a visa." (

My impression is that Rebiya Kadeer is not so well known yet among Uyghurs outside of major urban centres.  Nor would most people in foreign countries recognize her name.  But the Chinese Government's high volume of passionate condemnation of Ms. Kadeer is certainly helping to build her reputation as an important legitimate representative of Uyghur aspirations. It seems that the more the Chinese Government attempts to demonize her, the more Rebiya Kadeer's prestige in Xinjiang and abroad is enhanced.

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