Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Response to E-mail from a Friend Who Returned to China after an Absence of 26 years

I think that one thing that has not changed in China is the Stalinist-style security apparatus. What has changed is that the "soft power" capacity of the Chinese Communist Party to "win hearts and minds" has weakened substantially.


Jacques said...

What are the origins of the CCP's weakening soft power? I would have thought it is increasing (or at least remained static) since the CCP legislated the policies responsible for creating a middle-class and for bringing China to superpower status, a source of national pride in China.

Charles Burton said...

I was thinking more of the Constitution of the CCP which says "Marxism-Leninism brings to light the laws governing the development of the history of human society. Its basic tenets are correct and have tremendous vitality." I think that this sort of legitimating basis for CCP rule has little resonance with most people in China nowadays.

Jacques Bigras said...

Oh, ok... I agree.