Sunday, April 12, 2009

Canada-China Relations on CTV "Question Period"

Video of my appearance on the CTV with Paul Evans of UBC on April 12:

The interview of Stockwell Day by Craig Oliver done the day before can be found at:

A report in the Globe and Mail challenging an aspect of the above interview that quotes my views:
or here
Highly favourable Chinese commentary about this Globe and Mail report:

A news report about my appearance on CTV "Question Period" today (Sunday) can be found at: or here

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Jacques Bigras said...

On the question of human rights, Question Period gave Mr. Evans 2 choices: do we publicly "chastise" Chinese officials or "discuss" the issue "behind closed doors." Mr. Evans rightly answered that our diplomats should not preach human rights to their Chinese counterparts. So how do our diplomats discuss this issue?

I find the comparative approach to be a useful one in discussions with my Chinese friends regarding provocative issues such as human rights and separatism. I readily admit that Canada has faced human rights issues in the past, and continues to do so, and discuss the ways it has tried to solve them. Ditto with Quebec separatism. I ask them if the various Canadian approaches would work in China. I think this is a good way to avoid preaching.