Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Additional sentences quoting my views at end of on-line version of Globe and Mail report about Stockwell Day's upcoming trip to China not printed

I am quoted in Campbell Clark's report: "Hawkish Trade Minister's Beijing trip signals policy shift" published on page A4 of the Globe and Mail on April 8. That report can be read here.
These two additional sentences are at the end of on-line version:
China would also like Mr. Day to make a clear statement that Canada supports a “One China” policy, and therefore holds no sympathy for the nationalist aspirations of Tibet or Taiwan. But Mr. Burton said that's unnecessary, and could be seen as tacit acceptance of repression.“If he resumes the policies of quiet diplomacy and makes a statement on One China, one will know that he's decided to go over to the policies of the Liberal government,” Mr. Burton said.

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