Thursday, January 22, 2009

Economic Explanation for Why Strikes By Teaching Assistants Go On Too Long

I feel a lot of sympathy for students at York University currently waiting out the strike by their TAs. The University term will likely be extended into the spring and summer period when the students had been expecting to take up paying jobs to help pay their tuition for 2009-10.

The TAs on the other hand will not likely be suffering much economic loss in the end. Usually TAs are paid by the term so their contracts are for 8 months out of 12. The other 4 months they live off what they were paid for the previous 8. So seeing as the winter term will be extended into the spring to make up two 12-week periods of classes followed by exams, the TAs only suffer a financial loss if the strike extends beyond 16 weeks.

The professors presumably will get 100% of their annual salary as they are simply shifting their non-teaching work to the strike period.

So it is mostly the students who suffer from a prolonged strike.

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