Thursday, April 24, 2008

Falling Out of My Chair: My Testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on April 17, 2008

I gave a statement and answered questions for 90 minutes

English language transcript:
et en français:
A couple of my favourite parts extracted:

Mme Diane Bourgeois:
Vous avez dit qu'on avait des partenariats stratégiques. On n'a pas inclus le dialogue sur les droits humains dans ces partenariats stratégiques.

Est-ce là ce que vous êtes en train de dire?

M. Charles Burton:
Oui, c'est effectivement vrai.

Mme Diane Bourgeois:
Merci beaucoup.

Je viens de tomber de ma chaise!

. . .

The Chair:
Thank you.

I just want to let the committee know my intentions here. We were to go into our in camera draft document report now, but I think my intention is that we will continue with this for the time being. We have probably Canada's predominant expert on China-Canada relations here with us right now. I'll give everyone the opportunity to have a question. I know there are a few who still have questions.

Mr. Burton, do you have time to stay with us?

Dr. Charles Burton:
I would be happy to stay.

The Chair:
Wonderful. Thank you.

Comment by me: Not sure that my colleagues in the academy would agree with the "predominant expert on China-Canada relations" assessment, but I am honoured to be noted as such in Hansard all the same.

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