Thursday, October 26, 2017

My commentary in Toronto Star on the 19th Congress's implications for Canada

As Xi sets his sights on the world, the ruse is dispensed with

"China’s president has emerged from the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress with absolute power, pushing his country to become the world’s unassailable economic and cultural leader. Human rights and multilateral co-operation have no part in his plans for world dominance.

With Canada eyeing free trade with Chinese, our Parliament just adopted Bill C-267 — the “Magnitsky Act” — which bars entry by, and forbids Canadians from financially engaging with, foreign nationals who are complicit in torture or extrajudicial killings of anyone who defends or promotes human rights and freedoms, such as the right to a fair trial or democratic elections. As Canada proceeds to identify Russians and Venezuelans for the Magnitsky list, there are already many Chinese Communist officials who instantly meet the criteria.
It will be interesting to see if their names are added to the list before or after trade negotiations."

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