Saturday, February 25, 2012

National Post Report Alleges Suspicions on Huawei: "Nortel hacked to bits"

"Mr. Shields was convinced there were criminals working on behalf of China's Huawei Technologies Co. accessing the CEO's files, but his hunch hadn't been enough for his immediate bosses to grant him direct access to the top man's PC.

"I went on my own then and pulled the Web logs from Mike Z. since I had access to those kinds of logs back then," the 53-year-old Nortel veteran recalls. It was there he finally found the digital smoking gun he had spent years trying to find."

China's embassy in Washington issued a statement to the WSJ specifically denying any involvement in the Nortel hacking, saying "cyber attacks were transnational and anonymous" and shouldn't be assumed to originate in China "without thorough investigation and hard evidence."

Nortel hacked to bits

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