Monday, August 15, 2011

John Baird's Interview with Xinhua News Agency

John Baird's Interview with Xinhua News Agency

"Canada links future with China"
By : Xinhua|Updated: 2011-08-15


"Recognizing that strong economic and trade complementarity exists
between Canada and China, both countries agree that practical
cooperation should be enhanced to promote increased bilateral trade
and investment, and create new science and technology partnerships
that will lead to jobs, prosperity and economic opportunities for
Canadians and Chinese alike, he said.
"Measures taken include the launch of an economic complementarity
study, the negotiation of a Foreign Investment Promotion and
Protection Agreement (FIPA) and the establishment of joint working
groups on cleantech, infrastructure, and energy under the Joint
Economic and Trade Committee and Strategic Working Group," he said,
"We hope that these measures will far exceed all of our expectations
for bilateral trade between our countries."
People-to-people ties
Baird attached great importance to people-to-people ties."

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