Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comment on News Report about Disappeared Associates of Ai Weiwei

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson has said that Ai Weiwei's detention has "nothing to do with human rights". In that case I do wonder: what or who is the source of this doubtful claim of "nothing to do with human rights" that the Chinese MFA has been directed to pass along to the world?

Related to this is Andrew Potter's article "Who is afraid of the Chinese government?" that was published on Friday, May 20, 2011:


Zheng said...

The statment of spokeperson of MFA SOMETIMES does not and cannot represents the deep thought of the Chinese government, or the CPC because MFA has only a little experience of foreign affairs, its diplomats have no understanding about the country's internal events. Please do not blame them. No one, including military, public security, intelligence, propaganda etc, tells them the truth.

Charles Burton said...

Yes. I quite agree. Party officials have dismissed the MFA to me as just "interpreters." It evidently is not a powerful ministry in the Chinese Party-State.

Zheng said...

You are right. The foreign diplomats can find some clues about Ai's case and other "sensitive" cases through different publications backed by specific ministries like the Publicity Department of CPC, but they really need good Chinese language ability.