Monday, November 30, 2009

My Op-Ed in the Globe and Mail

My Op-Ed "A more sophisticated engagement with China" appeared in the Globe and Mail on November 30 ( or; the later with expanded text but without illustration of cute cartoon of panda and beaver sitting together).  Happy to see my views get such a broad airing.

There are a couple of minor editing errors in the text in the Globe.  First is that China does not have a "Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation"  It has a Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  There are International Cooperation offices in other ministries that Canada engages.  The other is that Australia had a trade imbalance with China of 1.53:1 in 2004.  Today it is 1:1.

December 2: An expanded and improved version of  this Op-Ed appeared in The Ottawa Citizen on December 1 under the title "How to deal with China" (  The same version until the title "It's time for Canada to rethink the way it engages China" appeared in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald on December 2 (

December 10: The same version with the minor editing errors that was published in the Globe and Mail appeared in the Vancouver Sun on December 10 entitled "Canada's China policy needs a major overhaul" (

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