Friday, February 27, 2009

My Report on Canada-China Relations In the Eye of the Beholder

Click here for Colin Freeze's article published on page A3 of the Globe and Mail this morning entitled "Canada called on to increase spying on China: diplomats poor at interpreting country for Ottawa, report says, suggesting intelligence agencies step up" which is about my recently released report A Reassessment of Canada's Interests in China. Click here for comments on this Globe and Mail report.

Personally I would not characterize my report as: "much of the study's focus is on China's unconstrained spying and Canada's relative naiveté." But different readers focus on different aspects of the document. The subheadings of my report include the following:
Trade and Investment
Immigration and Consular Matters
Development and Human Rights
Political and Economic Relations
Taiwan, Tibet, Uyghur, Mongolian Issues and Falungong Issues
Public Diplomacy

My hope is that people will read the full report (or at least the "Executive Summary," but reading the whole thing would be best).

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