Monday, February 04, 2008

Visa fraud at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing

There is a report by Geoff York in this morning's Globe and Mail about allegations that lung x-rays submitted to the Canadian Embassy in Beijing in support of an immigration application had been switched. Evidently the applicant, like a high proportion of the Chinese population, carried indications of tuberculosis on his lungs, so a "clean" x-ray of healthier lungs was substituted. Actually I believe that the false x-rays issue is greatly overshadowed by the pervasive problem of forged documents attesting to bank deposits, diplomas, and professional qualifications that support successful applications for entry into Canada. The Embassy really lacks the capacity to adequately counter this problem and so may tend to downplay its seriousness.

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Anonymous said...

Who knows what happens behind close doors? How they can consider people to travel to Canada without the basic English while my wife is rejected although I'm a Canadian Citizen. She has been rejected twice. Some many other Chinese people go to Canada then escape while my father has a house in Canada. Still no use. We provide factual information while some people only supply the bank information. That's all. They are accepted to Canada. This is why geniune applicants who want to enter can't but the ones who are escaping from Chinese laws can enter into Canada. There must be a quota so the ones who are not rich are accepted fewer than the rich ones.
What are we talking about Chinese Human Rights? Each countries have their own problems. Besides they tell explicit details on why the rejection. Some official dont' want to look over so many papers. Just look at the bank account then say no or yes.

I really want to know how they really decide on who gets in or out.

Canada is becoming more like US now.