Thursday, October 18, 2007

Christopher Neil, Canadian Pedophile

I feel so saddened to read in the news about an Interpol search for an exhibitionist pedophile who posted photos of himself in the act of sexually abusing Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese boys on the Internet. It has been determined that the pedophile in question is almost certainly a Canadian from B.C., Christopher Neil. Mr. Neil has evidently been working as an English teacher in elementary schools in Korea, Vietnam and Thailand since 2000. As someone who travels to China quite frequently, I am troubled by the apparent proclivity of some of the Canadian men living in Asian countries to pay for sex with under-aged girls as well as those like Mr. Neil who pay for sex with under-aged boys. The fact that many of these men work by day as school teachers to support their activities in the expat bar districts by night is also disturbing to me.

I have a romantic notion that when I get too old to do my regular work, I will retire to Kunming in southwest China and while away my old age by tutoring local children to improve their English language ability. This strikes me as a noble profession and a good way to keep my old heart young.

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羽之助 said...

It's rather embarrassing, especially now that I'm in a land where obsessing about underage girls is no longer the norm. It certainly does not do the already tarnished image of the English teacher as someone who was unable to find neither "real job" nor "real woman" back home and had to traipse through Asia any credit.