Saturday, April 28, 2007

Letter to the Globe and Mail RE: "Horror stories spring from one-child policy" April 28, A9

The side-panel suggests that the on-child policy was "instituted almost 30 years ago under Mao Zedong." The "almost 30 years ago" is accurate. But not about the "under Mao." The Chairman died in 1976, more than 30 years ago. Throughout his career Mao promoted high population growth in China and persecuted intellectuals such as Ma Yingchu who warned against it. The birth control policy could only be implemented after Mao was no longer in charge. Based on my knowledge of the late-Chairman's character, I frankly doubt that Mao recanted after his death, but perhaps there are otherworldly sources of information to the contrary.

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羽之助 said...

I can only imagine the glee on your face as you typed that.

By the way, I managed to see one of those "Let's talk with foreigners speaking horrible Chinese and laugh at them" shows.