Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sole Feedback I Received After Appearing on TVO's "The Agenda with Steve Paikin"

With your illustrious educational backround I am appalled that you cannot pronounce "nuclear" correctly. (TVO Tuesday night) You pronounce it the same as that poorly educated president of the United States. You say "noo-kya-ler" instead of "nyew-clee-are". So let me give you a clue as to how to pronounce it correctly every time you say it. I did this with a colleague of mine and it worked very well. As you are about to say the word, speak these two following words running together as one. "New clear." (Nyewcleer). You'll find it works and you will not ever be associated with the ignorant president of the United States of America.
E. *****, Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University, Toronto.

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羽之助 said...

Apparently people don't actually grow up, then, engaging in serious discourse rather than petty snideness. Well, there goes my last hope.