Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Comment on U.S. Response to North Korean Missile Tests

It appears that the USA will be able to take advantage of the recent DPRK missile texts to further two of its strategic goals:
1. Get Japan to re-militarize as a bulwark against China with possibly even a de jure abrogation of Article 9 of Japan's Peace Constitution;
2. Neutralize opposition in the US and in Canada to the "Star Wars" ballistic missile defence initiative on the pre-text that it would save our cities from destruction by North Korean missiles, but actually this missile defence system is more intended to counter anticipated future conflict with China.

The US insistence that China is "holding back" in not fully exerting its putative influence in Pyongyang to induce the DPRK regime to give up its offensive military capacity implies that the US is not prepared to bear any responsibility itself to directly respond to the DPRK missile launches. This despite the fact that they occurred on July 4 suggesting that the DPRK had the USA in mind when they pressed the fire buttons. The whole thing is very worrying.

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羽之助 said...

Pro-militarization elements within the upper levels of the Japanese government have been looking for an excuse to modify/work around Article 9, and this is quite the opportunity. While I seriously doubt a return to "Imperial Japan" days that seem to worry much of East Asia, it will be interesting to see how the region plays out this game.